Kit Perriman

Howdy Folks! Welcome to THE CUSTER GIRL

The Custer Girl is the story of George Armstrong Custer’s secret daughter. Custer made his name as one of the youngest generals in the Union Army, and after his death at the Battle of the Little Bighorn he became a national hero.

Recent historical evidence suggests that he captured the daughter of Little Rock, after destroying her village at the Battle of Washita in 1868. This woman – Monahsetah – apparently gave him the child that his white wife could not provide.

In The Custer Girl, the general's love-child is called Ethete or Ettie. Throughout the novel, this daring young woman grows from being a traumatized survivor of the Fort Robinson Massacre, into a determined and resourceful warrior woman. She interacts with real people and recorded incidents in the struggle against capitulation, assimilation, and potential extermination, as the force of Manifest Destiny sweeps away The-Time-That-Was-Before.

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